Apex Roof Shed

When choosing the right garden shed for you, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of different styles, models and roofs available. There are several different kinds of wooden panel construction including overlap, tongue and groove and shiplap. You will also have the choice of a sloping pent roof or an apex roof.

The apex roof is the traditional inverted ‘V’ shape that is found on most houses, sloping to both sides. It allows water to run off the building in both directions, thus avoiding puddling at one side of the shed. This means that the chance of damp effecting the construction walls in one particular spot are greatly reduced. With an apex roof it alos possible to apply an environmentally friendly sedum covering in place of the traditional felt roof.

Apex sheds are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small storage shed to a large model that is big enough to function as an extra outdoor room in the warmer months and will also accommodate all your workshop equipment. The advantage of an apex shed is that it can be produced to a large size. In addition, there is more space internally, as the shape of the roof provides higher cover. This is particularly advantageous in smaller models where the roofing can be quite low.

Apex sheds are slightly more costly than pent sheds but because of the advantages provided by the roof feature they provide more space within, prove more durable, require less maintenance and should last longer.