Garden Office

Many more people are now choosing to work from home than a few years ago and this trend is expected to continue to rise year on year. There are many advantages to working from home. The time spent travelling to and from work, the expense of petrol, running a car or general travel costs, are all good reasons for working from home. The less time spent commuting, the more time there is to commit to work issues meaning that you could easily work a 4 day week and take a lengthened weekend on a regular basis. You will have more time for family and friends. Working from a garden office means that you need not live in an expensive commuter belt where properties tend to be more expensive giving you a wider choice of locations in which to live. In addition, technological communication advances such as the internet have made it possible to be in touch with colleagues in an instant. The only obvious drawback in working from home is the distractions and domestic demands such as noise, interruptions and limited working space.

The perfect solution to this problem is to install a garden office. Installation is so much cheaper than renting office space and its location makes it more convenient for you. There you will have uninterrupted solitude, silence and plenty of work space. A typical standard garden office work space measuring 9′8 x 7′8 consists of aluminium framework with tongue and groove panelling, secure half glazed door with shoot bolt locking system, integrated roof guttering and opening window all for around £3,899. A large insulated premium garden office will cost around £5,636 and includes twin walled polycarbonate roof, double glazing, double doors and measures a substantial 12′4 x 9′1. Optional extras include shutters for all glazing. Garden studio log cabins are attractive additions to any garden and start at around £5,317 including solid log walls, dual pent roofing and can be built to your own specifications. A garden office with 12 square metres of space can accommodate 3 people comfortably. This model comes with insulation, electric sockets, lamps and consumer unit for mains connection. Its cost is around £13,794. A larger version of this garden office provides 15 square metres of space to accommodate up to 6 people. With an internal space of 6.4 square metres a Waveney Garden Office can take 2 people with ease and is fully insulated and installed at a cost of £8,337.

Planning regulations are straight forward. If a structure is more than 10 cubic metres in volume you may need to consult your local authority for information and advice, particularly if you live in a conservation area or area of outstanding natural beauty. Regulations vary from one local authority to another. However, you must apply for planning permission if you plan to cover over half your garden with new buildings as well as if you plan to position your garden office close to a highway or path. In this instance the structure must be at least 20 metres away. Structures with apex roofs over 4′ high and those with flat roofs over 3′ metres high also require planning permission. If used for business purposes you must declare your intentions regarding a garden office and apply for planning permission.