Garden Shed

A garden shed is typically a single story structure which can usually be found in a back garden or on an allotment. It can be used for general storage, hobbies or as a workshop. Its most common use is for the gardening and is a good place to store tools for the garden such as trowels, forks, spades or pots. You can also store mechanical tools such as a lawn mower or a leaf blower. Any garden (providing there is enough room for one) will benefit highly from having a good garden shed. Apart from storage the garden shed can also be a great place to have some time to yourself to get some work done or just relax and indulge your hobbies.

A typical garden shed will be very simple in it’s design and contain lots of storage space (like shelves and cupboards) Depending on what you are intending to use the shed for it can also contain a work bench. The most common type of shed will be made of wood but there are numerous other types of shed available too.

A potting shed is similar to a traditional wooden shed but with  the addition of larger windows usually sloped towards the sun. This is because the glass uses the solar radiation from the sun to warm the plants, soils and anything else you may choose to grow inside the structure. The heat from the sun is trapped inside the shed and is prevented from rising and flowing away. The glass panels can make this particular type of shed look quite attractive and add a lovely feature to your garden. Most potting sheds range in price from around £400.

Another type of garden shed is the plastic shed. Plastic sheds tend to be stronger, lighter, more durable and have the advantage of being less prone to denting than wood is. They are also resistant against termites and wood-boring insects. They are typically the least expensive type of shed with prices ranging from around £100.

Perhaps the sturdiest of sheds is the metal shed. These are usually made from thin sheet metal (galvanized steel, aluminium or corrugated iron) which is attached to a metal frame. They will last for a very long time as they do not rot like wooden fences tend to do. The only draw back with a metal shed is they are prone to rust over a long period of time if they are made from a metal that is not galvanized. Metal sheds range in price from around £150.

Vinyl-sided sheds, like metal sheds are also quite sturdy, however they are not eco-friendly and cost a fair bit more than plastic or metal sheds (prices range from around £400) Vinyl sheds have a standard wood framing but the walls are covered by vinyl siding. They need never be painted and as a result require little attention.

Most of these sheds can be bought in ready-built form or as part of an assemble yourself kit. They are easy to construct and once built, remain quite sturdy and strong.