Potting Shed

A potting shed is a structure which is typically wooden and found in the garden. It’s primary role is a space to re-pot plants however it is typically for general garden use but with the addition of a large sloping and usually south facing window. It can also be used to store garden tools such as trowels, spades and mechanical tools such as a lawn mower or a leaf blower which a typical greenhouse would not be used for. It is also a good place to store things for the garden like fertilizer and seeds. Some sheds can be built with Honeycomb fence panels which allows a surface in which plants can be planted and stored.

A potting shed can be purchased ready built or you can buy it as part of an assemble yourself kit. If assembled correctly you will end up with a sturdy structure that can also be collapsed easily if need be. The average price for a potting shed varies from £400 to over £2000.

Typically a potting shed will contain a work bench and numerous storage space and shelving.

Most owners of a potting shed will make sure they keep it tidy and organised as it creates a nice space for people to shelter in, get their work done and indulge their hobbies.