Tongue and Groove Shed

The tongue and groove style of shed construction is easily one of the most popular on the market today. These types of sheds come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours and it is easy to construct bespoke tongue and groove sheds as well. This gives these particular sheds great versatility and a million different uses.

The Benefits of Tongue and Groove

The overlapping arrangement of tongue and groove timber gives a shed added strength, stability and longevity. Most sheds made this way have tongue and groove walls and a similar roof however some of the more expensive models will also have the same style floor. The overlapping lengths of timber also make the shed more weather resistant and it isn’t uncommon to receive a 10 year guarantee with tongue and groove sheds.

Using Treated Wood

Most tongue and groove sheds today are constructed from pre-treated timbers which means they have added protection from the elements. The timbers are either dipped in a preservative and left to soak or are pressure treated so that the preservative is forced deep into the wood grain. Either way, the timbers become protected from rot for upwards of 15 years, giving the tongue and groove shed an even longer life span.

Tongue and groove sheds are easy to assemble and look stylish in any garden or allotment. The timbers can be painted or varnished to give the desired look and in general they only cost slightly more than other models currently on the market.