Bespoke Made to Measure Shed

Bespoke made to measure sheds are normally hand made constructions that are built to exact customer specifications. This means that the finished shed will be the dimensions, shape and colour that has been asked for plus it will have the doors and windows in the perfect places. Today, hundreds of companies design and manufacture made to measure sheds and the results are put to a multitude of uses, including as pet houses, garden offices, summer houses and of course as good oldĀ garden sheds.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Made to Measure Shed

The main advantage of a made to measure shed is that you can have it built to fit in any gap you may have within your garden. This means that you can use the awkward shaped part of the garden for your shed and leave the main areas for seating, planting and other such things. A bespoke shed can also have as many doors and windows as you like and they can often be placed wherever you want within the structure. In fact, you can make your shed look exactly as you want it to with the perfect layout for your needs.

The Downside

There is really only one downside to made to measure sheds and that is the added cost. They are considerably more expensive than mass produced sheds because they are bespoke designs and hand made. The quality in most cases is also much better than the mass produced equivalents and they generally come with a 10-15 year guarantee against rotting which only adds to their appeal.