Pent Roof Shed

A pent shed has a single face slope, usually sloping away from the front of the building. It provides excellent run off of rain. The pent shed roof has an overhang of around 4.5 inches, which prevents water from running off and into the shed walls. Pent roof sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles, with a choice of joinery techniques including tongue and groove, overlap and shiplap.

As the majority of garden sheds are available as flat pack self assembly the pent roof shed is more easily put together than an apex roof model, and is more easily maintained. A further advantage to the pent roof shed is that it can fit compactly against a wall, fence or shed without obstruction, making it a versatile option for the garden. With a protective roof felting finish it will remain water proof for years to come, reducing the likelihood of rain seepage within the building.

A pent shed is an excellent choice for gardens and yards of any size, and with the look of a traditional garden shed it is an attractive addition as storage space, play area, den or even a workshop. So whether you are looking for a cheap and simple shed construction to keep your patio furniture and garden tools securely stored or you want a more elaborate design, the pent shed is a good choice.