Pressure Treated Shed

There are literally thousands of sheds on the market today but pressure treated sheds are still amongst the best for their price. These specially treated sheds are made from timbers which have been impregnated with a life long preservative and most have a guarantee against the development of rot for 15 years.

The Pressure Treatment Process

The timber that is used to construct pressure treated sheds has been subjected to a vacuum process before use. This process involves placing the timbers in a vacuum cylinder and then immersing them in a strong wood preservative. The vacuum effect forces the liquid preservative deep into the wood grain so it protects the wood from the inside out. Most new sheds today are treated with tanoline or tanolith as they are currently the best preservatives for the job.

The Benefits of Pressure Treating

There are several benefits to pressure treated sheds as opposed to those that are treated naturally. For example, sheds that undergo the pressure treatment process have exceptional life spans and as mentioned above, most are guaranteed for at least 15 years against rot. These types of wooden sheds are also maintenance free plus they don’t require annual re-treatment to ensure lasting protection. In addition, because the preservative soaks deep into the wood the timbers have a very natural finish which helps them to blend perfectly with most gardens.

Surprisingly, pressure treated sheds are only slightly more expensive than their non-treated equivalents but as they are guaranteed for upwards of 15 years this is a small price to pay in most cases.