Shed Alarm

Garden sheds are amongst the top targets for small time thieves as they often contain valuable items that are relatively easy to carry away and sell on. Most basic sheds are also really easy to break into and thieves can be in and out in a matter of minutes. Shed alarms can easily be fitted to most garden sheds and are available in many different styles. What’s more, they start at just a few pounds and most of them don’t require mains power to run them.

Common Types of Shed Alarm

There are various types of alarm to choose from and the one you choose will depend to some extent on what you have in your shed and the price you are willing to pay. The most basic shed alarms are vibrational and are activated when a door or window is opened or smashed. These alarms cost less than £10 but have sirens reaching 120dB. More expensive shed alarms use PIR detection systems and are activated by movement within the shed. Again they have very loud sirens and are available for around £20-30. These alarms can also be controlled remotely.

A combination of these two shed alarm types can often be used to protect large sheds that are used as summer houses or outdoor offices and it is easy to secure all of the windows and doors. Alternatively, you can fit an alarm keypad to the shed for even more security. Having a visual aspect to the alarm system is often enough to put thieves off and so it might be worth externally advertising the fact you have an alarm as well.