Shiplap Shed

There are several different methods of constructing the walls of sheds, including shiplap. A shiplap shed is produced with a tongue and groove technique, making it an extremely sturdy construction method, where the boards interlock to produce a very moisture tight surface. At the top of each plank is a rebate enabling each plank to slot comfortably under the overhanging edge of the plank above. The protruding ridge joint or tongue of one wooden plank slots into the corresponding groove of the plank below. This results in a long lasting timber shed which is strong and more rot resistant than other timber construction methods. Because of its sturdy construction, a shiplap shed is less likely to rot as quickly as wooden sheds produced by other forms of timber construction methods.

With a huge variety of sheds available, you can find any shed to suit your taste and requirements in shiplap, and with a choice of apex and pent style roofing. A simple storage shed or a large playhouse produced with shiplap walls will be more draught proofed and damp resistant, providing you with a warmer space to enjoy. Your stored tools and garden furniture, as well as your workshop equipment will remain dry and you will have a solid, sturdy and reliable building. With increased resistance to wind and rain a shiplap shed will last for those few extra years, and although shiplap is more costly than other construction methods, you will be buying a quality item and getting value for money.