Summerhouses look wonderful in any garden and are both an attractive and extremely practical addition to a property. During the warmer months they can be used as a useful extra room, where they can be enjoyed by all the family. Summerhouses range from small and decorative garden features, gazebos and garden arbours to large pavilions and imposing focal points and vary considerably in price accordingly. Some models include verandas and overhanging roofs creating an integrated outdoor seating area.

Summerhouses can be used as external dining areas or lounge areas as well as childrens’ play rooms, offices or workshops. The possibilities are endless. At the cheaper end of the market a kids’ playhouse starts at around £199 and measures around 4′1 x 3′10. A value summerhouse starts at £499, measuring 7′ x 6′6 and includes attractive Georgian style windows and side double doors with plenty of space for interior furnishings. An attractive chalet style summerhouse costs around £839 with opening windows and double doors and is the traditional and timeless summerhouse model.

A summerhouse need not be rectangular in shape and there are many designs which are octagonal or which will fit comfortably in a corner space. An octagonal gazebo with floor to ceiling windows, opening windows and double doors starts at around £1,500. A pavilion summerhouse has a more complex shape, taking on the look of a miniature house, with bay front and side wing, double doors, opening windows and measures 10′8 x 10′10, costing around £1,799.

The more expensive models include BBQ hexagonal summerhouses, measuring 9′8 x 8′6 at a cost of £6,019. These lovely garden features are extremely elegant and stylish and make it possible to have year round barbecues, whilst enjoying the use of the building and include luxury additions such as brass fittings to windows and doors, roofing tiles, granite table, concrete base, burning pit for wood and coal, curtain rails, shelving and bench.

For a Victorian style lead roofed building measuring 7′8 in diameter, with a bell or cathedral style roof, expect to pay around £9,100. With added insulation to wall panels, roofing and double glazing this summerhouse can be used all year round providing a quiet getaway when needed. For a truly stunning and traditional option, a pavilion summerhouse costs around £8,645 and includes double glazed Georgian style windows with turn/turn cant mechanism, tongue and groove flooring and come with optional shutters, window boxes and shingle roof colours.

When selecting a summerhouse it is important to consider what it will be used for and at what time of year. There are electrical supply packs available that suit all styles of summerhouse which include plug sockets, fluorescent tube lighting and outdoor lights with PIR. These packs range in price from £275 to over £900. In addition, garden building heating and air conditioning units are available at around £929. All packs include installation.

The variety of choice when it comes to selecting a summerhouse is immense and for a reasonable price you can have a beautiful external room from which to enjoy the peace and quiet of your garden.